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Proceed With Caution on Flat Fee, Low-Cost Divorce in Michigan



Proceed With Caution on Flat Fee, Low-Cost Divorce in Michigan

DATE: September 15, 2017
Category: Divorce
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You’ve likely seen advertisements presented by law firms that offer low-cost and/or flat fee divorce to finalize your case quickly. The price tag is most certainly tempting, as most spouses want to keep costs low and complete the proceedings without delays. However, you should note that these ads leave out a lot of key information when quoting you the price, and your divorce can end up being far more expensive than you expected. Use caution before going through with a flat fee or low-cost Michigan divorce, and you can avoid buyer’s remorse.

Hidden Costs Creep Up

When you retain a firm that claims to do low-cost divorce, the money you pay goes toward the legal services its staff provides. It may not be applied to additional costs, such as court fees for filing documents and other necessary tasks involved with a divorce case. You may still be billed for transportation to and from the courthouse, costs of copying documents, court reporters, fees to serve your spouse, and similar expenses.

You May Not Be Dealing with a Lawyer

Low-cost divorce firms usually use support staff to handle the bulk of the work, such as clerks, paralegals, executive assistants and others. While these individuals may be able to prepare documents and assist with non-legal tasks, they didn’t go to law school and aren’t legally licensed by the State Bar of Michigan. It’s possible that your primary point of contact will be a non-attorney employee, with an attorney only stepping in to sign documents and appear in court. These firms are only successful because they churn out a high volume of cases, so you don’t get the attention you need when going through a difficult time in your life.

You Don’t Get the Personal Touch

Every divorce case is unique and you have personal needs throughout the process. A low-cost divorce firm isn’t equipped to dedicate significant time to individual clients because one lawyer may be managing dozens of cases. If you have questions, you may be directed to support staff or you may wait days to get an answer. It’s possible that you’ll be billed hourly on top of your flat fee if you want to get the personal touch you deserve.

Trust a Michigan Divorce Lawyer to Serve Your Needs

Divorce is not the time to sacrifice quality in legal representation, since you truly do get what you pay for when you retain a firm for a low-cost or flat fee divorce. Even with the attractive price tag, you miss out on the attention to detail and customized approach you need throughout the divorce process. A dedicated, knowledgeable lawyer takes the time to discuss your case and explain applicable law, so you can make informed choices about your situation. Low cost and low quality go hand in hand, so talk to an experienced Michigan attorney who will put your interests first. For more information, please contact Benson & Associates to set up a consultation. We can tell you about our personal approach to divorce cases and answer questions about your case.


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2000 Town Center Suite 1625
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