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Parenting Time

For Parenting Time Disputes, You Need A Southfield Visitation Rights Attorney

Parenting time rights attorneys at Benson & Associates PLLC understand the stressful nature of ensuring parenting time schedules work for all those involved. No matter how difficult the divorce was on the spouses and the children, when the dust has settled all those involved must find ways to plan for the future. While it can be tempting to use the children to extract revenge from a spouse, it’s important to remember that beneficial parent-child relationships are vital to the overall well-being of the children. In fact, the advantages of stable, nurturing relationships with both parents include:

Putting our experience, compassion and legal skill to work for those in Birmingham, Royal Oak, Dearborn and Livonia and all the counties, including Oakland, Wayne and Macomb in lower Michigan

When parenting time is blocked, children suffer ― parenting time lawyers in Southfield work hard to ensure a positive outcome.

If your parenting time schedule is falling apart, you need the services of a parenting time law firm in Southfield.  Benson & Associates is that firm. Our parenting time lawyers understand that when chemical dependency or domestic violence is not a factor, the children benefit from active, ongoing contact with both parents. The job of a divorce lawyer at Benson & Associates PLLC is to ensure the children have the benefit of both parents and that they adhere to the court-ordered visitation schedule.

If a workable schedule has been implemented, then the basic groundwork has been laid for visitations that are beneficial to the children. The visitation schedule should be fair for all those involved and should work around parents’ work schedules and children’s school and extracurricular activities. Remember that “fair” does not always mean “equal.” Particularly as children get older, it may become harder and harder to fit visitation around their busy schedules, meaning all those involved have to be flexible.

When conflict arises, you need a family law attorney with the expertise to get visitation schedules back on track.

The attorneys at Benson & Associates have a long, solid history of working out problems with parenting time schedules. We work to ensure the details of the visitation schedule are clearly spelled out and then fight for your rights to enforce that schedule. We offer protection for your future and compassion for your situation along with nearly eight decades of legal experience. Call Benson & Associates PLLC today at 248.357.3550 or contact us online.

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2000 Town Center Suite 1625
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2000 Town Center
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Southfield, MI 48075

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