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Aggressive Legal Representation From Experienced Work Injury Attorneys

Benson & Associates PLLC, has helped scores of injured workers, whether they are entitled to Workers Compensation benefits or not. Many workers don’t want to “upset the apple cart” at work, so when they suffer an on-the-job injury they try their best to ignore it, hoping their injuries will resolve themselves.

What many workers don’t understand is that by not immediately reporting a work injury, valid claims can be significantly delayed or denied. We are work injury attorneys with a history of successful outcomes on behalf of our clients. Our lawyers believe passionately in protecting the rights of those who are up against a legal system or governmental bureaucracy or who have run head-on into a corporate wall of denial.

Don’t Let Your Injury Worsen For Fear Of Losing Your Job

While there are many types of work injuries and many factors involved in those injuries, injuries that occur frequently in the workplace include:

  • Slip and falls are overwhelmingly the most common cause of workplace accidents, and all employers should be responsible for ensuring a safe working environment for their employees.
  • Overexertion is the second leading cause of workplace injuries and results when workers lift objects heavier than they should without correct lifting techniques. Overexertion results in back, neck and knee injuries.
  • Falls are the next leading cause of injuries in the workplace. Since faulty equipment can be a factor in falls, employers are responsible for ensuring approved standards are maintained.
  • The fourth leading cause of workplace injury is being struck by an overhead object. Whether occurring in a warehouse setting where overhead storage is common or when a machine operator inadvertently drops an object on a worker, these injuries can be very serious.

Workplace injuries may result from blatant negligence or could stem from an issue your employer was not aware of. Either way, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries whether through workers comp or directly from your employer. An experienced workers compensation lawyer can assess your case and work with you to decide on a course of action.

Finding The Help You Need When Your Future Is At Risk

The attorneys at Benson & Associates always fight aggressively to protect their clients and use their decades of experience to ensure a positive outcome. Call Benson & Associates PLLC, at 248-357-3550 or contact us online for a comprehensive evaluation of your workplace injury.