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Spousal Support Attorneys Who Fight For Your Rights

The spousal support lawyers of Benson & Associates PLLC, know all areas of family law. Our alimony attorneys fight to ensure you receive what is right and fair in your situation — whether it’s called alimony, spousal support or maintenance. Although the IRS estimates former spouses pay more than $9 billion per year in spousal support, the fact is family court judges can be somewhat capricious in their determinations and spousal support is rarely a given. There are certain guidelines the judges follow, but they are given a tremendous amount of latitude in deciding whether a spouse requesting support is entitled to that support. Some of the more common considerations regarding spousal support include:

  • Duration of the marriage is generally a primary consideration.
  • Diminished educational or employment opportunities during the marriage could factor into whether spousal support is awarded.
  • While bad behavior on the part of one spouse could factor into an award of spousal support, it is unlikely to be a consideration unless fault is being claimed in the divorce.
  • The judge looks at the financial assets of both spouses. If one spouse makes a very hefty salary while the other has to go out job-hunting once the divorce is final, temporary alimony may be awarded in an attempt to help the less financially secure spouse recover financial health.
  • The court also looks at the ability of the spouse requesting support to work and provide his or her own financial support.

While state child support guidelines were put into place at the urging of the federal government — backed up by the threat of withholding federal contributions to state welfare funds — spousal support still falls squarely under state law. At this time, only two states have enacted clear guidelines for spousal support, leaving most other states floundering in this particular area. Our divorce lawyers in Southfield have a deep understanding of the law to keep you from floundering.

Getting Legal Help For Spousal Support Claims When You Need It Most

A reputable, experienced family law attorney is your best ally for receiving the settlement you deserve or preventing a spouse from receiving spousal support they are not entitled to. When you need a spousal support lawyer in Farmington Hills, Benson & Associates is the responsible choice. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience and share the goal of protecting your future. Call 248-357-3550 or contact us online today for a comprehensive evaluation of your case.