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Highly Qualified Child Custody Attorneys Tackle Difficult Issues

Benson & Associates PLLC understands the extremely stressful nature of child custody and support issues. Our child custody attorneys are also aware of the vulnerability of children during a divorce. To serve the children’s best interests and allow you to fulfill your role as a parent in the best possible way, we fight aggressively for a positive outcome.

When you are fighting for custody or child support, the details matter. At Benson & Associates we have handled complex custody disputes of virtually every type. While there are specific, universal issues judges consider during child custody cases, other relevant factors may also be taken into consideration. Having strong legal representation by your side from start to finish ensures that none of those factors derail your custody case. In the end, what is best for the children determines the outcome of your child custody case, and you need a skilled divorce lawyer to accurately portray those best interests to the judge.

The Basic Factors In The Determination Of Child Custody Case Include:

  • First and foremost, the best interests and needs of the children
  • Ages of the children
  • Work schedules of both parents
  • Ability of the parents to communicate and cooperate in child-related matters
  • Current interactions and relationships of the child with parents and siblings
  • Domestic violence history of either parent
  • Preferences of children who are of sufficient age
  • Stability of the proposed home environment
  • Quality and continuity of the child’s education
  • Time and quality of that time spent with the children prior to the divorce

Considerations Of The Court In Awarding Child Support

The objective of the legal system when determining child support is to ensure the children remain in approximately the same financial situation they would likely have been in had their parents remained married. The parent with the greater share of parenting time typically receives the child support payments. Of course there are exceptions to this “rule,” which is why you need an attorney by your side who understands how the process works. Benson & Associates offers highly experienced child support attorneys with more than seven decades of collective legal experience. We will work tirelessly to ensure your rights and the rights of your children are fully protected.

Contact A Child Custody Attorney You Can Rely On

Call the Michigan child custody lawyers who really care about your future at 248-357-3550, or contact us online for a comprehensive evaluation of your custody or support case.