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Criminal Law Attorneys

Many criminal lawyers handle cases in a “fast food”, more is better approach. Alex personally handles all criminal cases with our firm and treats all clients as if they are family and their freedom is critical.  When confronted with a criminal charge, the clients life and liberty is at issue.   We fight to protect you and provide the best result. Your case is personal to you and is… it’s not just another case.

We Handle All Types Of Criminal Law Matters

At Benson & Associates PLLC, our attorneys have served clients in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb Counties for seven decades, allowing us to amass extensive, in-depth knowledge in all areas of criminal law. We have represented parties on different sides of a dispute, or in negotiations to reach an amicable agreement. Please call our Southfield, Michigan office at 248-357-3550 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.