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Experienced Ferndale Child Support Lawyers Assist with Tough Challenges

There are complex issues at stake throughout the Michigan divorce process, but child support can be among the most complicated due to parents’ emotional investment. It’s tough to resolve financial matters for minor children, even when divorcing spouses can agree on many points. Calculating the amount of child support in the context of custody is especially complex, and the child’s best interests are critical to the determination.

At Benson & Associates, our attorneys appreciate how child support issues affect your entire family in a divorce case. Our goal is to reduce the stress by working with you to develop an arrangement that makes sense for everyone involved. We handle child support cases for clients in Ferndale and throughout Southeastern Michigan, helping parents move forward after a divorce.

Factors a Court Considers When Ordering Child Support

The goal of child support under Michigan law is to ensure minor children enjoy the same financial resources and lifestyle as if their parents weren’t divorcing. In most cases, the parent who takes primary responsibility for parenting time is the recipient of child support payments. The funds are applied to:

  • The child’s care and personal needs;
  • Medical and health expenses; and,
  • The costs of child care.

There are many variables involved with child support, so the State Court Administrative Office’s Friend of the Court Bureau has developed a formula to assist with calculating the amount. Courts must consider:

  • Income and assets of the respective parents;
  • The existence of multiple minor children born to the marriage;
  • The order for parenting time;
  • Division of marital property and value of non-marital property; and,
  • Many other considerations.

Still, these factors are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, so it’s necessary to determine how the law applies to your specific situation. Our knowledgeable child support lawyers at Benson & Associates can assist you with understanding the legal requirements.

Enforcing a Child Support Order

If you’re the recipient of child support, you’re in a difficult financial situation when the child’s other parent doesn’t abide by the court’s order. Michigan law provides options for enforcement, so you may be able to force payment through:

  • Wage garnishment;
  • Liens against real estate and personal assets;
  • Reporting non-payment to the credit bureaus;
  • Attaching bank accounts; and,
  • Seizing federal and state tax refunds.

It may even be possible to get a court order and bench warrant for the arrest of your child’s non-paying parent. It’s essential to work with a skilled child support lawyer who will assist with enforcement and protect your own rights and the interests of your children.

Rely on Our Ferndale, MI Child Support Lawyers

From a simple agreement with the child’s other parent to complex, highly contentious disputes, the attorneys at Benson & Associates provide skilled, customized representation in all types of child support matters. Our lawyers have more than 70 years of experience serving clients in Ferndale and throughout Southeastern Michigan, and we’re committed to protecting your rights. For more information about child support, please call our office at 248-357-3550 or contact us online for a comprehensive evaluation of your situation.


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2000 Town Center Suite 1625
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