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Berkley Child Support Lawyer

Skilled Attorneys Help with Challenging Berkley, MI Child Support

Child support can be one of the most hotly contested issues in a Michigan divorce case, especially when parents’ emotions take over in addressing the needs of minor children. It can be difficult to reach an agreement, but child support matters are complex even when parents concur about the financial side of things. The child’s best interests are always the primary consideration, but it can be hard to understand the calculations and legal implications.

The lawyers at Benson & Associates understand that child support matters are stressful in divorce cases. We strive to reduce the anxiety, so you can look forward to a bright post-divorce future. Our attorneys represent clients in Berkley and throughout Southeastern Michigan in all types of child support disputes, ensuring the best possible arrangement for your entire family.

Considerations for the Judge in Determining Child Support

The paramount focus of Michigan child support law is to place minor children in the same financial position and lifestyle they would have enjoyed if the parents weren’t divorcing. Most often, the parent who takes on primary parenting time responsibilities will receive child support from the other. The amount is intended to cover:

  • The care and personal needs of the child;
  • Medical and well-being needs; and,
  • Child care costs.

The State Court Administrative Office’s Friend of the Court Bureau has developed a formula to assist with calculating child support amounts. Courts are required to apply certain factors in making a determination, including:

  • The parents’ respective income and assets;
  • Whether multiple minor children were born to the marriage;
  • The arrangement for parenting time;
  • The value of non-marital property and division of marital property; and,
  • Many other issues.

Even with these factors, every case is different for child support in Michigan. The lawyers at Benson & Associates can offer advice on the legal requirements, so you can understand how the law applies to your circumstances.

Child Support Enforcement Options

The recipient parent is placed in a difficult position if the paying parent doesn’t comply with the terms of the child support order. Fortunately, Michigan law offers options to enforce the arrangement and compel payment. You may be able to:

  • Garnish the payor’s wages;
  • Place a lien on real estate and personal property;
  • Report failure to pay child support to the credit bureaus;
  • Attach bank accounts; and,
  • Take possession of federal and state tax refunds.

In some cases, you can request the court to issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the non-paying parent. To ensure protection of your rights and your child’s interests, you should work with a knowledgeable child support lawyer who will guide you through the process.

Consult with Berkley, MI Child Support Attorneys

The attorneys at Benson & Associates can assist with all types of child support issues in divorce, whether you reach an agreement with your spouse or must take the dispute to court. Our lawyers have more than 70 years of experience representing clients in Berkley and all around Southeastern Michigan. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment to discuss child support issues, please give us a call at 248-357-3550 or contact us online.

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