Can child support orders be modified?
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Can child support orders be modified?

| Feb 4, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Child support is an important part of many divorce cases. It is the money that Missouri parents provide to ensure that their children have what they need after the parents’ marriages are over. Child support can also be a legal matter between unmarried parents or those who choose to separate without going through a divorce.

Often child support is agreed to by parents or is ordered by courts. However, over time the needs of a child or the ability of a parent to pay child support may change. It may be necessary for a child support order or agreement to be reevaluated.

This post will briefly discuss the reasons that child support orders and agreements may be changed. It does not provide any legal advice to its readers. Individuals who have questions about their own child support or family law matters should talk with family law and divorce attorneys they know and trust.

Seeking child support modifications

As mentioned, child support is generally a matter ordered by courts. When a child support order is violated, the injured party may have rights to seek enforcement and compel the violating party to fulfill their obligations. If the violating party cannot pay, though, they may be able to seek a modification to their order.

Reasons that parents cannot pay child support often revolve around changes in their financial circumstances. They may lose their job or be forced to take a pay cut. They may suffer an illness or injury that renders they disabled. When a parent cannot earn money, they often cannot continue to pay child support. Changes in the circumstances of a child’s needs may also necessitate child support modifications.

What to do to modify a child support order

One of the most important things that a parent can do when they cannot maintain their child support obligation is to act quickly to make changes. They should do their best to stay current on their child support payments and work with their co-parent to find ways to accommodate their child’s needs. An attorney can assist a parent with the legal process of modifying a child support order and formalizing and changes they require to continue to support their child.