Why do some couples over age 50 decide to divorce?
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Why do some couples over age 50 decide to divorce?

| Nov 6, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is not limited to young couples or even middle-aged couples. These days more couples in the Southfield area who have been married for decades are looking to end their marriages in what is referred to as a “grey divorce.” The following are some reasons why some couples decide a grey divorce is right for them.

Money problems

There are a variety of reasons why older couples may decide to end things after a long marriage. One issue that can lead to divorce at any age is money problems. If couples constantly argue about spending or constantly struggle with debt, it can lead to so much stress that divorce is the preferred solution to the constant animosity and disagreements surrounding money in the marriage.

We just grew apart

Another reason older couples may decide to divorce is that they simply grew apart, especially if their children are grown and out of the house. With the stigma surrounding divorce on the decline, couples that after years of marriage determine their values and needs have changed from those of their partner may decide to divorce. And, as these days older adults often determine that they still have a lot of good years ahead of them, and they would be happier if they divorce.

One spouse is unfaithful

Infidelity is another reason older couples divorce. A spouse of any age may decide to cheat on their spouse, even someone who has been married a long time. Cheating naturally breaches the trust between spouses and can be an especially painful event that leads to divorce.

What issues take center stage in a grey divorce?

Whatever the reason a couple over age 50 decides to divorce, it is likely that their divorce will look different than those of their younger counterparts. First, with the children grown and out of the house, issues such as child custody and child support simply are not relevant. However, because they have obtained many assets over the years and may be nearing or at retirement, issues such as property division and alimony take center stage. Couples in a grey divorce in Michigan who are ready to end their marriage may find that the split leads to a brighter future for both of them.