Preparing for the holidays post-divorce
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Preparing for the holidays post-divorce

| Nov 6, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Parents in Michigan who divorced in 2020 are now facing Thanksgiving and the winter holidays as newly single individuals, sometimes for the first time in years or even decades. It is important that they prepare for the holidays ahead of time, to ensure their holiday season is a happy one for them and their children.

Review your child custody order and make changes if necessary

If you have children, it is likely that your child custody order lays out who has the children on which holidays. It is important to review that order well before the holidays so you know what to expect and can prepare your child for the changes in front of them. An early review also has the benefit of giving you time to make any modifications to the order if for some reason the current order will not work out.

Follow the agreed-upon holiday schedule

It is important that parents put their emotions aside and focus on their child during the fall and winter holidays. Preparing the child for having two Thanksgiving celebrations or spending Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas Day with the other is essential, and itcan even lead to the creation of new traditions. This requires productive communication between parents and respect for each parent’s time with the child. Trying to punish your ex by not allowing him or her to see the children will only hurt your child in the end.

Some couples need help navigating the holidays after divorce

If you do need to modify your child custody order or if your ex is not following it, it is important to address these issues sooner rather than later. This can help you prepare for the holidays and ensure your child is not exposed to unnecessary stress during what is supposed to be a happy time. Navigating the holidays post-divorce can be challenging, but with cooperation and respect, it can be done.