Help with child custody modifications
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Help with child custody modifications

| Oct 16, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Sometimes a child custody or child support modification is needed. It is important for parents, both those seeking a modification or those opposing a modification, to be familiar with the child custody modification process and the family law resources that can help them with their concerns.

When a child custody modification may be possible

Child custody, or child support, modifications may be possible in certain circumstances. Those circumstances generally include if the parent requesting the modification has experienced a significant change in circumstances. Examples of what might be considered a significant change in circumstances can include a loss of a job, a change in marital situation or if one parent moves for a job.

Requesting a child custody modification

Child custody modifications may be requested by either parent. The parent not requesting the modification has the option to oppose the modification request. The parents can also agree to a modification but will need to obtain approval from the family law court.

The parent seeking the modification should make the request as soon as they know a modification will be needed. It is also essential for parents to continue to abide by any existing child custody arrangement or child support order until the family law court has approved any changes. Simple making a request for a modification does not mean the modification has been granted.

Child custody and child support can be ongoing concerns for divorced parents long after their divorce. Fortunately, the family law system provides resources to help divorced parents navigate their child custody and child support concerns, including modifications.