How common is divorce in Michigan?
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How common is divorce in Michigan?

| Aug 10, 2020 | Uncategorized |

There are a lot of different ways to look at divorce statistics. None of them tell the full story. For instance, many people claim that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Not only is this false, but the rates are different for those with different educational backgrounds, financial situations, ages of marriage and things of this nature.

That said, while no one stat is going to tell you everything, it can help to look at the statistics from as many directions as possible. With that goal in mind, where does Michigan rank? How common is divorce when compared with other states?

To find out, one study looked at the percentage of divorced women per 1,000 married individuals. The state with the highest percentage was Arkansas, at 13%.

Michigan, as it turns out, is nowhere near that. State documents put the number of divorced individuals per 1,000 Michigan residents at 5.6%. It is much different from county to county. Crawford is relatively high, for instance, at 8.8%, while Kalamazoo is very low, at 2.8%.

One does have to consider the type of people who live in an area. For instance, Kalamazoo has a large college population, so the number of divorced people per 1,000 is bound to be smaller than it would elsewhere, strictly because mny colleae students have not been married or divorced.

The key is to remember that divorce can happen to anyone, living in any part of the state. Many factors contribute to divorce rates, but it’s something all couples have to keep in mind. Those who get divorced must learn about their legal rights.