Minimizing divorce impacts on children
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Minimizing divorce impacts on children

| Jun 19, 2020 | Firm News |

Michigan parents often want to know how they can best minimize the disruption that divorce has on their children. While there is no surefire way that can take away all of the impacts, parents can at least somewhat protect their children during this time. The most important thing to remember is that the children are the most important people during a divorce.

Keeping tension levels low between the parents is one way to help the children. It means that parents should not badmouth the other either directly to the children or in their presence. Making the children take sides increases the long-term damage that divorce can do to a child. A parent should also not compete with the other by trying to be the “fun parent.”

Maintaining normalcy for the children as much as possible is also another key to protecting them. To the extent that they are able, parents should keep structure in place. If there are expectations for the children in their home, each parent needs to communicate them clearly to the children. Finally, parents need to take the time to check on their children during the divorce to see how they are doing. Keeping the lines of communication open will allow children to share when they are bothered by something, giving them an outlet to express their feelings when it is necessary.

While child custody attorneys may not necessarily give advice on how to handle children’s psychological needs, they may be able to work with their client on creating a custody structure that can allow the children to thrive. The attorney could help their client create conditions that further the best interests of the children by negotiating a schedule and structure that will better enable children to adjust to the new reality in their life.