Interested in nesting? It could be an option after divorce
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Interested in nesting? It could be an option after divorce

| Jun 24, 2020 | Uncategorized |

An interesting topic that sometimes comes up in custody cases is the idea of nesting to make the divorce easier on a child. Nesting, in terms of a divorce, means that the couple keeps the family home. Then, the mother or father spends time in that family home before alternating to their own private apartment or home.

The goal of nesting is to keep your child in the same home that they’ve always been in. This reduces the need for a custody schedule where your child is transfers from one person’s custody to another by visiting different homes. Instead, parents take on that burden by arriving at their marital home for their custody days. When their custody time is up, they leave and go back to a private residence.

How can nesting help?

If you and your ex-spouse can afford to maintain your own private homes as well as your marital home, this could be a decent option, especially if you both get along. Nesting eliminates the need to duplicate your child’s things so that they have them in both homes. Nesting eliminates custody exchanges where your child would have to get ready and get into the car to go to the other parent’s home. Much of the stress of living in two homes is take off your child’s shoulders.

When is nesting a bad idea?

On the other hand, nesting can be a bad idea if you don’t get along with your ex-spouse. You may also not like nesting if you would struggle to afford to keep your marital home and a second property.

Overall, nesting or not is a very personal decision. Your attorney will talk to you about it and if you think it may be right for your situation..