Talk about these things shortly after you get engaged
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Talk about these things shortly after you get engaged

| Apr 30, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When love sweeps you off your feet, it is easy to get caught up in the powerful emotions that begin to arise. For many in Southfield, MI, getting engaged soon follows the dating phase of early love. Most people do not think much about how married life may differ from life as an engaged couple. They also fail to consider the value of prenuptial agreements in many cases.

Even when you think you know your future spouse inside and out unforeseen issues can arise that put your relationship in jeopardy. Having a candid conversation with one another can prevent future marital problems and it can also help you determine if you need to consider a prenuptial agreement.

Three important topics to address just before or right after your engagement include the following.

  • Finances: Before getting married, couples should be honest about their current financial situation. Talk about any debt you each have and how you manage your finances.
  • Careers: It is also smart to talk about your career plans. This can ensure that you are on the same page when it comes to balancing work life and family life.
  • Property: Once you get married and begin to mingle your finances, property owned before the marriage can become marital property. It is wise to address how to keep certain personal assets separate from the marital asset pool.

If you notice that you and your future spouse have completely different opinions about these and other topics, you can still get married. However, you may both feel the need to create a legal document addressing property and financial issues. Prenuptial agreements are ideal to help couples stay in love, remain married and still achieve the lifestyle they desire.

A family law attorney can help you create a solid agreement that can enhance your relationship instead of tearing it apart.