Divorce linked to the age of marriage
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Divorce linked to the age of marriage

| Apr 22, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Most divorce cases include a number of factors for why the relationship ended. There is no single element you can point to and say that a couple is guaranteed to get divorced.

That said, you can look at divorce trends in the United States and identify patterns. This helps to show you why many divorces occur. One thing that has been linked to divorce is the age at which the two people got married in the first place.

To start with, researchers noted that teen marriages ended in divorce more often. Even if you’re legally allowed to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend at 18, doing so elevates the odds that you’ll split up. A big part of the reason is that you and your partner have a lot of growing up and changing to do. You may change in ways that make it so you’re no longer compatible. Young relationships are often highly emotional, as well, which could lead to problems.

If you’re thinking that the best way to avoid divorce is to keep putting marriage off until you’re older, that’s only half of the story. Once you get past your 30th birthday, the odds of divorce start going back up again. Many people think that the strongest marriages are those that involve couples in their late 20s.

Why this rise in divorce at an older age? It could be hard to adjust to married life after being single for so long, and the pool of potential partners may be smaller at that age.

No matter how old you were when you tied the knot, if you decide to get divorced, take the time to look into all of the steps you need to take.