Determining if it is necessary to formalize child support
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Determining if it is necessary to formalize child support

| Dec 27, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Some single mothers in Michigan aren’t sure if they should file for child support. While it is each mother’s personal decision to do so, there are some things that mothers will want to take into consideration during the decision-making process.

The mother will want to decide if she is truly in need of financial support in order to provide for the children. If a woman depends on her ex-spouse in order to pay for basic needs like food, shelter, medical care and clothing, then it would make sense for her to formalize the child support. The entire system exists in order to make sure that children receive what they need.

If the mother is currently receiving government assistance, it is likely that the government will seek to collect child support from the child’s father, with or without the woman’s consent. It is better for the government to have the child supported by the father as opposed to being given public assistance. In this case, a woman may want to go ahead and file.

If the woman has a healthy co-parenting relationship with the child’s father, formally filing for child support may not be necessary. Factors that will come into play include the child’s needs, the financial resources of the parents and if other children of the parents are in need of support. If a woman does not feel like the support she is receiving meets the child’s needs, initiating payments through court action may be appropriate.

When a woman decides that it is in her child’s best interests to formalize child support through the state, she may want to discuss her situation with a family law attorney. The attorney might be able to provide practical assistance and help her file the appropriate paperwork and answer questions regarding child custody, child support and co-parenting.