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An Adamant Legal Team Committed To Results

The courtroom is no room for a mistake, especially when the court is making critical decisions about your and your family’s future. At Benson & Associates PLLC, we take full advantage of our 30 years of trial experience to bring you quality outcomes. With dozens of successful cases resulting in top-tier settlements and court orders, your future is in safe hands.

Founding attorney, Alex Benson, has spent decades of his career pursuing the best possible results for his clients. When he established our firm, it was to help clients like you feel confident that their negotiation and trial outcomes are truly in their best interests. Our firm leverages in-depth legal knowledge, industry-recognized strategic planning and impeccable execution to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

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What Is Your Best Path Forward?

Our priority at Benson & Associates PLLC is to achieve your goals, and that means empowering you to determine your ideal outcomes in family court or your personal injury claim. After a to-the-point and frank conversation about your prospects and the case at hand, our attorneys will help you evaluate whether a courtroom or negotiating tactic will best serve your needs. Then, we fight to protect your rights and future.

Do Not Settle For Less Than You Deserve

Begin taking control of your future today. If you have a family law issue or a personal injury claim, you can succeed. Contact Benson & Associates PLLC at 248-357-3550 for a free first appointment and let us evaluate your case. A brighter future is close; you just need to seize it.